6 Essential Camping Accessories for Your Next Trip

Camping is a fun, relaxing activity for the whole family to enjoy, but forgetting the essentials can leave you in a real pinch when you are out in the wilderness. It is important to make sure that you have all the essential camping tent accessories at your disposal before you leave for your next camping trip. Having the right sleeping gear, camping tool set, and eating utensils are the keys to creating a truly relaxing and worry-free camping experience. Check out these six essential camping accessories to have with you on your next camping trip.

Sleeping Pad

Save your body from the aches and pains of laying directly on the ground with one of our favorite camping tent accessories, a sleeping pad. Our Ace Camp ultra-lite foldable foam sleeping pad is great for improving comfort for you back on a softer surface. This product is light and foldable making it easy to pack into your camping essentials and it fits any camper from child to adult.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Obviously, you will always be packing some form of bedding such as your regular sleeping bag on hand, but having an emergency sleeping bag is a must when you are out in the elements. An emergency sleeping bag is a brightly colored, compact, heat-trapping bag that is designed to keep you warm in the coldest temperatures and visible to any passers-by in the case of an emergency.

Camping Hammock

Relax anytime and anywhere with a compact camping hammock that fits into any back backpack. Our camping hammock also comes with a mosquito net to keep the bugs away while you relax.

Camping Multi-Tool

Having the best camping multi-tool is essential for your next camping trip to make any task quick and easy. We provide several multi-tool options that are perfect for any camping trip to make sure you have the tools you need right on your belt or in your pocket at all times. Our larboard multi-tool has 14 functions including pliers, a knife, scissors, screwdrivers, and more. Our pocket eight multi-tool is about the size of a pocket knife with eight functions. Finally, our scissors and pliers multi-tool keychain is a small seven-function compact tool that fits easily on your keys or belt.


A lighter is an essential tool in any camping tool set. In the event that you do not have access to matches or find yourself stranded, a lighter can help you easily start a fire in no time. Our Dual Arc Electric Lighter makes for quick ignition with no need to refill with fluid and the best part, it’s windproof. Simply recharge through the USB charging capability for up to 100 lights!

Sustainable Tableware

Finally, if you are camping, you want to be kind to the environment you are enjoying. We make it easy for you with our sustainable tableware options. Enjoy your coffee in our reusable, ten-ounce double-wall cup made with stainless steel for any warm beverage. For eating, check out our bamboo and birchwood plates, spoons, and forks for a completely sustainable alternative to harmful plastic tableware.

With these six essential camping accessories, you are sure to enjoy a worry-free camping experience during your next camping trip.

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